Welcome to Hell Rangers. Hell Rangers is a cooperative 32mm miniature board game for 1-5 players. In the game you assume the role of the Rangers, a paramilitary military force tasked with defending the citizens of Mars from the monstrous Zaghast that live deep under the planet’s surface.

There are five different Rangers to choose from, each with different weapons that have special abilities. In addition to the Hell Rangers weapons which have different special abilities, the Hell Rangers may access weapons caches which give them additional items and perks. Items may include further weaponry like grenades, remote mines, medipacks or food and health boosts. Perks give Hell Rangers special abilities and attacks that may be played anytime throughout the game. Strategizing when to access weapons caches and when to use the items or abilities gained from them is an important part of the game.

The Hell Rangers may also level up using the Leveling and Effects Card. This tracks the Rangers kill points, what abilities they unlock, how many actions they have used in the current turn and if the Ranger is under any negative effects from enemy attacks.

The Zaghast are the monstrous entities in Hell Rangers trying to erase humanities presence from Mars. Zaghast are created by infecting humans with a genetic mutation strain. After a human is infected and mutated, they eventually turn into a Zaghast. There are 9 different types of Zaghast enemies in the game, plus two bosses. The Zagahst are controlled by a simple AI that spawns the Zaghast where needed then communicates simple rules in order to govern them in combat.

The Hell Rangers engage the Zaghast on 5x10in double sided game tiles. These tiles may be arranged in a multitude of ways, leading to many creative mission designs. There are 16 double sided tiles that come with the game. When laying out tiles for a mission, you always place the tiles in the same layout to replicate what the mission calls for. However you randomly select the tiles when placing them. This means that you can play a single mission a dozen times and the choke points, cover from ranged attacks or terrain features that impair your weaponry will be in different places, each and every time.

Ultimately, Hell Rangers is a fun game with customizable heroes, a diverse amount of enemies, spawn mechanics that meet the player wherever they move, random tile features that change the overall game every time you play, and a host of mission objectives and interactive elements that will further define each and every mission.

The Base Hell Rangers game comes with 68 tracking, effects and mission oriented tokens, grenade template, 6 elevator lift templates, 8 Security Rooms, 5 d10 dice, 20 small d6 dice for wound tracking, 5 leveling and effects cards for the Hell Rangers, 5 Hell Ranger Character Cards, 56 Zaghast spawn cards, 10 weapon cards, 45 perk cards, 32 item cards, 10 random event cards, 16 double sided game tiles, a 34 page rule book, a 44 page mission book, 5 Hell Ranger Miniatures, 6 civilian miniatures and 56 Zaghast miniatures, featuring 9 different types of Zaghast and 2 Zaghast bosses.

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